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HR Saager accompanies you as a company or an individual through all change phases. Extensive experience working with with national and international top management teams as well as coaching individuals during periods of significant change can be found at HR Saager.

We offer a special success factor by arranging your change processes in a way that all affected people can experience it positively, we achieve a much greater level of acceptanceof the change. Fair and respectful handling is part of our core values.

Elke Saager

About us

HR Saager provides Organisational Development, Facilitation of board meetings and Coaching. Following the motto “Who always does what he is already able to do, always remains what he already is.” (Henry Ford), after more than 15 years leading HR functions in different international companies Elke Saager gathered a network of HR experts around herself and founded HR Saager in 2014. The company operates as an external competence centre for contemporary leadership and employee development.

We believe Organisational Development also means human beings are always the centre and need to be treated with respect. No matter what changes are coming up we look for fair and righteous solutions for those being effected. It is our central concern to accompany human beings and companies through change processes, to focus on opportunities and handle all processes with a positive feeling.

I have experienced myself how digitalisation is changing companies and has a deep influence on employee structures. Companies need to be able to innovative to compete and to guarantee their survival. Only motivated and constructively working employees and managers can guarantee this. Changes are important.

Let’s create it positively!

Elke Saager, Founder and CEO of HR Saager

  • 20 years experiences working in HRs
  • 14 years international experiences (Europe and global)
  • 13 years experiences as leader
  • 12 years experiences as coach & facilitator

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Organisational development

Organisational Development:

national, international, always keeping human beings in mind

Companies are growing and changing. This happens while daily business activities are keeping everybody busy. But managing growth and strategic direction requires looking ahead in order to get positioned competitively and be future oriented.

Maybe your company doesn’t have working HR structures. Maybe part of your company shall be transferred or sold? Maybe there is restructuring planned that will affect many of your employees?

All changes bring also opportunities and risks that need to be managed. HR Saager offers itself there as external competence centre available during these critical times. We are accompanying growth, recruiting and layoffs, definition and shaping of HR processes and creation of a HR departments.




We are at your side and consult you with reorganisation of part or the whole company. Also for Merger& Acquisitions we are happy to bring in extensive know how whether you are selling or buying.

It is important for us to accompany all change processes with a positive and constructive attitude. We treat affected people with respect. We see change as an opportunity. Our goal is to leave every affected person with a positive feeling.

Just contact us, we are happy to discuss your needs.

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Coaching: Investing in yourself

Most successful people in leading positions in politics and sports have a coach, and there is a good reason why. Professional coaching sets free potential. In general a good coach is supporting in case of reorientation and new orientation, difficult life phases, and professional development. Also in case of performance stress, stage fright and other blockages solutions can be developed through coaching. In most cases2 to 5 sessions are sufficient.

At HR Saager we work with the following proven coaching methods:

Business Coaching and Outplacement
People from different professional backgrounds and hierarchy levels use Business Coaching for professional development or reorientation. During coaching we work on motivation, decision making, strategy development, communication as well as how to deal with stress and change. Also burnout prevention can be part of coaching.

TAB Business Coaching Sessions
Knowing what you want out of life is only half the battle. The other half is a real opportunity to keep you focused, accountable and on track to achieve it. TAB Business Coaching Sessions provide a trusted advisor you can count on to help you increase business performance, work through business opportunities and challenges, achieve greater success

Wingwave Coaching

With wingwave coaching stage fright, exam nerves or fear of flying can be changed already during two to five sessions. Main focus areas of wingwaves are regulation of performance stress imprinting, resources coaching ( self picture, increasing creativity and visualisation of goals) and Belief coaching (identifying performance reducing dogmas and converting into resource beliefs).

Creativity, conflict stability and mental fitness can be improved through this registered coaching method, whose success was confirmed in university studies in Gerrmany.

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP has over many years been proven as a coaching technique. By using language (linguistic) brain settings (neuro) are changed, leading to sustainable changes (programming). With this human beings can develop their ability to communicate in a way that allows them to better reach their targets, e.g. how they are coming across to others.

If you would know which potential you have.

Contact us  for a preliminary talk.



Facilitation of TAB® Board Meetings:

TAB’s Board Meetings put the power of collective wisdom, accountability, drive and creativity, and clarity of advice in your hands to align your business vision with your personal vision and ensure you get what you want out of life. Meet and share business expertise, solve business challenges, help each other seize new opportunities and create actionable strategic plans – all under the guidance of a qualified facilitator.

TAB’s business owner advisory boards expand your thinking beyond your particular industry providing out of the box perspectives to spur new ways of doing business in a safe, confidential environment.


Here’s what happens at a typical Board Meeting:

  1. We greet each other like the genuine peers we are on both a personal and professional level
  2. We review some new learning around a particular subject or trend in business
  3. One by one we work round the table with each member sharing a particular issue or situation on which he or she wants to gain perspective. Each board member asks questions to clarify and then offers salient and practical advice on how they would handle the issue wearing your shoes – they’ve often been there too.
  4. We list the goals we have for the next 30 days, quarter and year and hold each other to them, questioning why we have not met the goal and how the board can help
  5. We set the agenda for the next board meeting

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